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Don't feel like cooking yourself? Would you like a ready-to-grill BBQ meal pack? Don't feel like having to buy and carry heavy drinks?  Is there no designated driver available? Do you prefer a restaurant experience while the kids are asleep?

We have the solution! We offer you drinks, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Meals are served in our own private bar on site. Since we work with fresh products, you must book in advance. Below are some examples of what we have on the menu. Feel free to contact us to discuss other options.

DRINKS (Also available for take away)

Cava (=Spanish Champagne), wines, bottled beers, draft beer, ...

On request we also supply a tap with beer (30l) in your own outdoor kitchen.


Coffee, tea, water, fruit juice

Bread, bread with tomato, croissant, toast, Spanish tortilla

Breakfast cereals

Jam, cheese, ham, salami, eggs


LUNCH (Also available for take away)

Cold pastas, rice preparations, tabbouleh, quinoa



Catalan charcuterie platter + bread with tomato

ham, chorizo, cheese (manchego), olives

Patatas Bravas (Spanish fried potatoes) with sauce

French fries with sauce

Albondigas (meatballs)


Squid rings with sauce


Salads, cold vegetables

Paella (minimum 10 people)

Grilled prawns (6)  with bread

Squid rings (12) with sauce and bread

Catalan meatballs (4) with bread

MEAT PACKAGES incl. cold vegetables, bread and/or fries

Package 1 (approx. 500gr): Steak, sausage, chicken fillet, hamburger, lamb chop

Package 2 (approx. 250 gr): Steak, sausage, chicken

Package 3 (approx. 500gr): Entrecôte, Chulleton

Package 4 (approx. 150gr): Sausage

Package 5 (approx 150gr): Chicken fillet

Package 6 (approx. 150gr): Hamburger

Package 7 (approx. 250gr): Lamb chops (4 to 5)

extra portion of fries and bread

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